‘Equity Action’ was the Joint Action on Health Inequalities (2011-2014) and a collaboration between DG SANCO and 12 EU Member States.

One of the work strands of this programme, which is coordinated by EuroHealthNet, brought together a network of 29 regions to capture and share regional approaches to reduce health inequalities, and to strengthen understanding on how to influence and use Structural Funds (programming period 2007-2013) to address regional health equity issues.

The Equity Action Regional Network conducted a Structural Funds Review in 12 EU Member States to analyse how the ESI Funds were being used in the previous programming period and they could be used in the future to address health equity. The objective was to identify the opportunities and barriers of applying the current Structural Funds (SF) to address health inequalities and their underlying objectives and to develop recommendations to stimulate further action on health inequalities and the underlying determinants of health during the new SF programming period (2014-2020).” Through this review, regions and project partners have:

  • Identified and analysed available funds that can be applied to address health inequalities and underlying socio-economic determinants
  • Identified concrete examples of projects addressing health inequalities, funded by the European Regional and Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF)
  • Became familiar with the National and Regional managing authorities, National Strategic Reference Framework priorities, and Operational Programmes;
  • Gained a better understanding of what steps must be taken to apply for structural funds to address health inequalities and their underlying socio-economic determinants;
  • Applied collective learning from this National and Regional work to improve the ability of regional bodies to advocate for and access funding for initiatives that will contribute to a reduction of health inequalities
  • Gained greater insight of the country’s process of developing new National Strategic Framework priorities (2014-2020) and the relevant on-going political processes at Regional and/or National level.

The summary report is available here.

More information about the project can be found here.

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