All regions within the EU territory are eligible for funding under the ESF and ERDF. Here you can find some information about how to access the funds and where you should go in case you wish to obtain information.

For EuroHealthNet members and practice associates, we offer the services of our Support Desk. Click here to contact a member of staff directly with your questions!

Who can apply for funding?

Organisations that can apply for funding include public bodies, some private sector organisations (especially small businesses), universities, associations, NGOs, and voluntary organisations. Foreign firms with a base in the region covered by the relevant operational programme can also apply, provided they meet European public procurement rules.

Where do I apply for funding?

If you wish to apply for funding, you need to contact the Managing Authority (MA) of your country and of the relevant programme (e.g. ESF or ERDF). MAs are in charge of the implementation of the Operational Programmes (OP) and responsible for executing calls for proposals and selection of projects and developing rules and guidelines for each OP.

Find your managing authority here (ERDF)
Find your managing authority here (ESF)

Which projects can be funded?

The Operational Programmes (OPs) set out the selection criteria and investment priorities for each region they cover. Before applying for a grant, you should thus check the OP(s) that is/are covering your region.

Additionally, each Managing Authority has its own rules regarding the application procedure. In certain cases, this might be an ongoing procedure, while others only accept applications at certain times.

Find your ERDF and CF Operational Programme(s) here
Find your ESF Operational Programme(s) here

Where can further advice be found?

This is a non-exhaustive list of the many sources of help and advice on getting EU regional funding:

  • EuroHealthNet runs an ESIF Support Desk, where EuroHealthNet members can receive information about the ESI Funds, including processes, policies and background. We are also able to connect our members, who are looking to connect with other members and offer peer-learning possibilities.
  • TheEurope Direct is a point for access to information about the EU. The services can help you through the jungle of information about the EU and point you in the right direction, as well as provide concrete specialised answers to practical questions.
  • Your Managing Authority can give advice, through each stage of the project application.
  • The European team in your local authority or chamber of commerce

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