Compendium for Financing Health Promoting Services

A spectrum of approaches for funding health promoting services for health and social care planners, policymakers at national, regional and local levels that serves to aid the development and support financing of health promoting services that benefit health and wellbeing for all.



In this Compendium

Case Studies

success stories of health
promotion financing from the
EU and beyond


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Resources and Links

to EU investment funds,
investment banks and


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Quality Criteria

health and wellbeing quality criteria and guidelines for potential investors


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This compendium aims to build a body of evidence and information and offer examples that will inspire.


It has three main purposes:


1 Highlight how to overcome existing gaps in investment in health promoting services by providing concrete, ‘out-of-the-box’ examples of how investment can be mobilised.
2 Encourage building alliances, connections, and bridges within and across sectors to improve health and wellbeing for a healthier society.
3 Assert the need for systemic change and strengthening of health promotion and disease prevention services as part of sustainable health systems.

Caroline Costongs EuroHealthNet Director

"Public health and health promoting services are chronically underfunded. As demands have risen, we have to be smart in making the most suitable and equitable use of public funds and to maximise the added value of private investments within ethical and sustainable frameworks. We developed this compendium with the purpose to inspire and mobilise health policy makers and managers to take action and invest in health equity”



Caroline Costongs
Director of EuroHealthNet


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This compendium is continuously updated with novel ways of financing health promoting services and best practices.

We aim to build the capacity of the public health and wider social policy community to access new funds, such as the upcoming InvestEU.


We are keen to learn about how your organisation finances health promotion.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a good practice to add to our database.