Wales is divided into seven Local Health Boards that are responsible for delivering all healthcare services within a geographical area. The Chief Executive of each Local Health Board has a clearly stated responsibility to ensure that the Local Health Board identifies and tackles health inequalities within their area.

Policy responses

On a local level, Health Social Care and Well Being strategies have been developed (joint statutory duty on local authorities and Local Health Boards to develop, implement and evaluate them), which individually address health inequalities.

An overview of regional policy responses addressing health inequalities can be found in our Policy Database.


Good practices

An overview of local and regional projects and initiatives that are currently taking place or that have successfully been finalized, and that are addressing health inequality issues, can be found in our Project Database.

Key actors

Please find below an overview of key actors in Wales working on health inequality issues:


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Key resources

Please find below a short overview of key documents and resources (produced at regional level) addressing health inequality issues in Wales. More publications can be found in our Publications Database.


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