Denmark consists of five regions; the Capital Region, the Central Denmark Region, the North Denmark Region, the Region Zealand and the Region of Southern Denmark.

Policy responses

The existing policies are mainly the result of collaboration between actors at the national, regional and local level; the general framework and priorities are set at the national level, while regions and municipalities are responsible for creating ad hoc responses to these strategies and for health promotion in the communities.

An overview of regional policy responses addressing health inequalities can be found in our Policy Database.


Good practices

An overview of local and regional projects and initiatives that are currently taking place or that have successfully been finalized, and that are addressing health inequality issues, can be found in our Project Database.

Key actors

Please find below an overview of key actors in Denmark working on health inequality issues:


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Key resources

Please find below a short overview of key documents and resources (produced at regional level) addressing health inequality issues in Denmark. More publications can be found in our Publications Database.

  • Hvad er sundhed for mig? – What is health for me? Stories of real life social inequalities in health. It portraits the health situation and views on health of different citizens in Aarhus. The publication is edited by the municipality of Aarhus. Published in 2010.


Are you aware of any other key resources that should be added to this list?
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