Country profile

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a parliamentary representative democracy with a constitutional monarchy, ruled by a Grand Duke. It is a small country located in western Europe with a population of 562,958. The economic structure of Luxembourg is based mainly in banking, insurance, and the steel industry. Agriculture and wine production are also important. The country has a highly developed economy, with the world’s highest GDP (nominal) per capita of $110,870. Life expectancy at birth was 82.4 years in 2015, compared to 78.0 years in 2000 and is well above the EU average. Health spending in Luxembourg is the highest among EU countries. In 2015, Luxembourg spent EUR 5 090 per head on health care, compared to the EU average of EUR 2 797. This equals 6.0% of GDP. Some 82% of health spending is publicly funded and out-of-pocket spending is one of the lowest in the EU. Health insurance covers a generous benefits package.


Policy responses

Health inequalities is an issue of high importance in Luxembourg. The fact that there is a nearly universal social security system in the country, the existence of good pension systems, unemployment benefits, and special social support for the most vulnerable populations (e.g. differently able people) testifies the sensitiveness to the problem for many years. The health inequalities response can be defined as mainly implicit and indirect: indeed there are no policies specifically addressing health inequalities. A comprehensive set of health strategies, targeted health promotion and prevention activities aims to address these risks through raising awareness and public health campaigns.

An overview of policy responses addressing health inequalities in can be found in our Policy Database.


Good practices

An overview of projects and initiatives that are currently taking place or that have successfully been finalized, and that are addressing health inequality issues, can be found in our Project Practice Database.

Key actors

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Key resources

Please find below an overview of relevant documents addressing health inequality issues in Luxembourg. Further publications can be found in our Publications Database.

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